The main goals of the BiH Plant Protection Society are to:

  • realise mutual interests in plant protection discipline in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • gather scientists and experts who deal with plant protection with a goal to integrate the work and promote plant protection in all its segments;
  • promote scientific research in plant protection;
  • promote integrated and ecological pest management and environmental protection;
  • study and maintain the scientific, natural and cultural heritage in plant protection;
  • organise lectures and seminars for Society’s members and agricultural producers;
  • be actively involved in the drafting of regulations pertaining to plant protection;
  • be involved in the development of curriculums and programs at all levels for the education of plant protection professionals;
  • develop scientific journals, brochures and books in the field of plant protection.

The rights of all Society’s members are to:

  • attend all Society’s meeting and assemblies, to be involved in discussions, offer suggestions and to vote;
  • elect and be elected in Society’s bodies, boards and representative offices;
  • use all rights and benefits, gained or established by the Society for its members;
  • receive all publications published by the Society at a member’s price rate.

All Society’s members are required to:

  • accept the Society’s statute and adhere to its regulations and other general acts of the Society;
  • uphold and protect the reputation of the Society;
  • actively participate in accomplishing Society’s goals and contribute to realising Society’s activities;
  • assist in realising its tasks and promote the development of plant protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • regularly pay membership fee, look after society’s assets and consciously meet all obligations towards the Society;

Society’s membership ends:

  • when the Society no longer exists;
  • by writing to the Society’s management board;
  • by being deleted from the members’ list following a written reminder about the non-payment of membership fee for the preceding two years
  • removal upon the recommendation of the Court of Honour;
  • breach of conduct as per the statute’s regulations;
  • member’s death;

The management board will make a decision on the removal from membership. Such a member has the right of appeal to the management board, whose decision will be final.